Whether establishing new, updating existing or relocating utilities, we offer an elevated level of efficiency designed to save you time and money. Southern Directional provides a multi-layered level of expertise on a vast array of utility services. Our goal is to provide a one-stop- shop for the municipalities, utility distributors, general contractors and clients we are proud to count among our list of satisfied clients.

Some of our specialties include but not limited to:

Directional Boring

With 50+ years combined experience in the Directional Boring field, this service has become a significant part of our overall installation process. Because it is so often integrated into our projects, a direct benefit to our clients is the ability to save time and money.


A more eco-friendly approach than other methods of pipe installation, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) also offers a less disruptive approach to existing structures and traffic.


Southern Directional possesses an amplified level of expertise and owns a comprehensive fleet of direct boring machines with the latest locating technology. Company operators of this technology are subject to extensive training and are adversaries for a safe work environment.

Gas Main and Services Installation

The installation of natural gas distribution lines is a substantial portion of our business requiring a deep understanding of procedures and respect for the serious nature of the job. Southern Directional performs installation of gas distribution lines for residential and commercial purposes. Additionally, we have a proven track record with providers in the area of relocation and replacement.

Water Main and Services Installation

We have worked for 18 years in the water main and services installation arena. Boasting expertise for commercial and residential purposes, we install new lines as well as perform relocation and replacement. We work continuously with municipalites and utility companies, as well as many private sector developers for a multitude of Alabama-based clients.

Underground Distribution

From military bases to airports and more, Southern Directional has a stellar reputation for electrical duct bank work. This underground electric distribution is among the many services listed on our diverse resume of services.