Our Culture

Where Team Meets Family

At Southern Directional, whether you’re just beginning or are an experienced professional, you’ll find it a place to call home. We believe that employees should be treated like family, that’s why we have established a culture that makes work-life balance a cinch.

Focusing on the family

At Southern Directional a work-life balance is an important attribute to our culture. By offering paid time off and limiting travel we keep each team members family in mind. Managers have individualized relationships with each team member.

Excellence in the ordinary

Every part of work should be approached with the goal of excellence. Whether it’s updating a client on their project or simply unpacking supplies, Southern Directional is faithful in the little things.

Integrity driven

We believe its never the right time to do the wrong and never the wrong time to do the right thing. This core value defines how we interact with our clients, community, and staff.